Case Studies



Case Study 1 - Full China Business Partner


We are working in partnership with a major global printing company and are representing them as their Chinese printing partner. China has a huge textile and garment packing industry that serves the world, and moreover retailers are demanding that goods are produced and packed “close to needlepoint”. This production technique has obvious environmental and financial advantages with significant savings on both carbon emissions and transport costs.

Sino-pack has taken on a full 360 degree management role and has responsibility for:


1)      Sourcing and inspecting printing factories across China

2)      Placing circa 250 individual orders with printing factories per month

3)      Being present for each print run and signing off the quality to agreed standards.

4)      Installing colour management systems to create better quality and more consistent printing

5)      Arranging transport/delivery for each order to a variety of garment producers across China.

6)      Co-ordinating all invoices for each individual print purchase.

7)      Paying costs, taxes and all expenses of internal China trade.

8)      Provide monthly P&L’s, cash flows and balance sheets for the UK company.

Case Study 2 - Source And Quality Manage Production


A British based business that produced plastic table mats approached us about China production of their product. With our in-depth knowledge of the Chinese plastics/printing and packaging market we were able to source a manufacturer of their product. We worked closely with the factory to ensure quality standards were continuously met and production dates and quantities were adhered to. We then subsequently arranged the shipping and distribution of the quality checked goods to Europe and America at the same time as saving 40% of the production costs by allowing Sino-pack to manage China production and distribution!

Case Study 3 - Production, QC and Stock Control


A UK based business that produced plastic wall tiles for the American and European markets approached us to talk about China production of their product. Upon taking a detailed brief our extensive network of factories were narrowed down to those that had the specific plastic extrusion die cutting and printing capabilities to perform the required tasks. Sino-pack were employed to select and quality manage the production of the wall tiles while also stock managing the specific inks that were needed to produce the tiles. This meant Sino-pack would import the inks from the UK and store them at our secure warehouse and subsequently distribute the inks to the Chinese factories when requested by our UK partner. This system of stock control allows the UK partner to manage production while safeguarding the intellectual property.