Western Dragon


Learn more about our unique offering in China


At Sino-pack we recognised the need to be able to trade internally within China and allow our customers access to the biggest and fastest emerging market in the world. The unique benefit that Sino-pack can offer allows our customers the opportunity to either extend their supply chain in China or simply sell their goods to the China market.

Sino-pack has set up a Chinese based subsidiary called Western Dragon. This wholly owned foreign enterprise is Chinese registered and allows us to VAT invoice within China. This unique advantage offers substantial opportunity to not only enter the Chinese market but to actually BUY & SELL within China.


Major Advantages of Western Dragon for YOUR COMPANY:

  • Western Dragon can produce and then sell directly to the huge Chinese DOMESTIC market

  • Western Dragon is a Chinese company and so carries significant favour when operating with Chinese factories

  • Western Dragon has full Chinese VAT invoicing capability

  • Western Dragon has import licenses and so can import goods directly into China

  • Western Dragon is able to facilitate an extension of your supply chain in China by using its VAT registration status to buy and sell products to add significant value throughout the entire supply chain. For instance, Western Dragon quality manages and produces a products outer packaging and is then able to sell on to the product packing plant within China. This offers huge cost saving advantages and significantly reduces carbon footprint and allows packaging to be produced “close to needle point”.